Pink Lady Nail Studio

Hard gel kit with portable UV lamp


Pickup available at NJ newport centre mall

Usually ready in 24 hours


Our UV hard gel kit contains: 

  • Mini Portable UV LED light (usb rechargeable)
  • Hard gel liquid remover 
  • 8ml hard gel
  • A nail file
  • A cuticle pusher


How Are Gel Nail Extensions Applied?

  1. prepare the nails (i.e., file, clean, and buff your nails). 
  2. apply gel primer and top coat, letting them dry under the LED or UV light. 
  3. apply a layer of hard gel to your nails and press the fake nail on top of it
  4. let it dry in light for about 60 seconds

You can touch water right after applying the hard gel, it’s super sturdy and convenient! Last 3-4weeks